Grace De Morgan

Everything Happens
For A Riesling

Your not so fancy-pants guide to wine

The ultimate book for winos who don’t take themselves too seriously, but do seriously love their wine.

Everything Happens for a Riesling is the wine book that says boo to acting like a snob. It's your ultimate guide to hacking the world of vino. Grace De Morgan is here to help you get more of the wine experiences you want, minus the pretentiousness. 

This is a toolkit, not a textbook – a cheat sheet for all the vino-related questions you didn’t realise you had. I mean, where do you store wine if you don’t have a cellar? Who (or what) is Gewurztraminer? Are decanters a thing?

Whether you can’t tell your rose from your Riesling or are busy studying to be a Master Sommelier, Everything Happens for a Riesling has got something to make you go 'Mmm, more please.'

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What Grace does…


  • Author of Everything Happens For A Riesling 

  • Playwright at Canberra Youth Theatre (previously at ATYP, Playwriting Australia and the Wheeler Centre)

  • Student at University of New England (Graduate Diploma of Psychology)

But also:

  • Freelance Writer at BauerWorks, Gabberish, Good News Week, Junkee,, SBS Life, Seizure, the Sydney Morning Herald and VICE

  • Wine Tragic and Onesie Enthusiast @wineinaonesie

  • Presenter and Producer of the brand new podcast Everything Happens For A Riesling

  • Copywriter at Camilla (previously at BANJO, J. Walter Thompson, MercerBell, OgilvyOne and The Yes Agency)

And sometimes:

Image credit: Kate Disher-Quill

Image credit: Kate Disher-Quill

Image credit: Rachela Nardella

Image credit: Rachela Nardella

Image credit: Clement Cheung

Image credit: Clement Cheung

Illustration credit: Cathie Glassby

Illustration credit: Cathie Glassby